Reclaim Your Home and Your Life After a Fire

Act quickly and call Damage Control Services for fire damage remediation in Ocala, FL

The one thing you never thought would happen is a house fire. At Damage Control Services, we understand how emotionally devastating it is to lose your home to a fire. But during this chaotic and discouraging time, the best thing you can do to move forward is call a fire damage remediation specialist.

Taking the proper steps to achieve proper restoration

Taking the proper steps to achieve proper restoration

Damage Control Services offers emergency fire damage cleanup and restoration services in Ocala, Florida. For years, we’ve brought homes back from ruins. Our compassionate and hardworking specialists will work hard to give your home new life. Call Damage Control Services today, and we’ll:

  • Clean any metal so acid from soot does not corrode it
  • Set up drying equipment and tarp the roof
  • Board up windows and doors to prevent damage
  • Start working on repairing the damage
We’ll help you with lodging while we’re working on your home. Get in touch with Damage Control Services right now and start healing your home – and yourself.